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Class SearchFormViewHelper


additionalAttributes anySimpleType

Additional tag attributes. They will be added directly to the resulting HTML tag.

data anySimpleType

Additional data-* attributes. They will each be added with a "data-" prefix.

enctype string

MIME type with which the form is submitted

method string

Transfer type (GET or POST)

name string

Name of form

onreset string

JavaScript: On reset of the form

onsubmit string

JavaScript: On submit of the form

class string

CSS class(es) for this element

dir string

Text direction for this HTML element. Allowed strings: "ltr" (left to right), "rtl" (right to left)

id string

Unique (in this file) identifier for this HTML element.

lang string

Language for this element. Use short names specified in RFC 1766

style string

Individual CSS styles for this element

title string

Tooltip text of element

accesskey string

Keyboard shortcut to access this element

tabindex integer

Specifies the tab order of this element

onclick string

JavaScript evaluated for the onclick event

pageUid integer

When not set current page is used

additionalFilters anySimpleType

Additional filters

additionalParams anySimpleType

Query parameters to be attached to the resulting URI

pageType integer

Type of the target page. See typolink.parameter

noCache boolean

Set this to disable caching for the target page. You should not need this.

noCacheHash boolean

Set this to supress the cHash query parameter created by TypoLink. You should not need this.

section string

The anchor to be added to the action URI (only active if $actionUri is not set)

absolute boolean

If set, the URI of the rendered link is absolute

addQueryString boolean

If set, the current query parameters will be kept in the URI

argumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString anySimpleType

arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if $addQueryString = TRUE

addQueryStringMethod string

Set which parameters will be kept. Only active if $addQueryString = TRUE

addSuggestUrl boolean

Indicates if suggestUrl should be rendered or not

suggestHeader string

The header for the top results

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