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FlexForm configuration container ViewHelper


id string, required

Identifier of this Flexible Content Element, [a-z0-9\-] allowed

label string, required

Label for the FlexForm, can be LLL: value. Optional - if not specified, Flux tries to detect an LLL label named "flux.fluxFormId", in scope of extension rendering the Flux form.

description string, required

Short description of this content element

icon string, required

Optional icon file to use when displaying this content element in the new content element wizard

mergeValues string, required

DEPRECATED AND IGNORED. To cause value merging, simly prefix your field names with the table name, e.g. "tt_content.header" will overwrite the "header" column in the record with the FlexForm field value when saving the record.

enabled string, required

If FALSE, makes the FCE inactive

wizardTab string, required

Optional tab name (usually extension key) in which to place the content element in the new content element wizard

compact string, required

If TRUE, disables sheet usage in the form. WARNING! AVOID DYNAMIC VALUES AT ALL COSTS! Toggling this option is DESTRUCTIVE to variables currently saved in the database!

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