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FlexForm sheet ViewHelper

Groups FlexForm fields into sheets.


name string

Name of the group, used as FlexForm sheet name, must be FlexForm XML-valid tag name string

label string

Label for the field group - used as tab name in FlexForm. Optional - if not specified, Flux tries to detect an LLL label named "flux.fluxFormId.sheets.foobar" based on sheet name, in scope of extension rendering the Flux form.

variables anySimpleType

Freestyle variables which become assigned to the resulting Component - can then be read from that Component outside this Fluid template and in other templates using the Form object from this template

description string

Optional string or LLL reference with a desription of the purpose of the sheet

shortDescription string

Optional shorter version of description of purpose of the sheet, LLL reference supported

extensionName string

If provided, enables overriding the extension context for this and all child nodes. The extension name is otherwise automatically detected from rendering context.

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