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Gets all child content of a record based on area.

The elements are already rendered, they just need to be output.

Example: Render all child elements with a border

fluidcontent element with one column of child elements. Each element gets a red border:

<f:section name="Configuration">
   <flux:grid.column name="teaser"/>

<f:section name="Main">
 <f:for each="{flux:content.get(area:'teaser')}" as="element">
  <div style="border: 1px solid red">


area string

Name or "colPos" value of the content area to render

limit integer

Optional limit to the number of content elements to render

offset integer

Optional offset to the limit

order string

Optional sort order of content elements - RAND() supported

sortDirection string

Optional sort direction of content elements

as string

Variable name to register, then render child content and insert all results as an array of records

loadRegister anySimpleType

List of LOAD_REGISTER variable

render boolean

Optional returning variable as original table rows

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