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Field Wizard: Suggest

See for details about the behaviors that are controlled by arguments.


label string

Optional title of this Wizard

hideParent boolean

If TRUE, hides the parent field

variables anySimpleType

Freestyle variables which become assigned to the resulting Component - can then be read from that Component outside this Fluid template and in other templates using the Form object from this template

extensionName string

If provided, enables overriding the extension context for this and all child nodes. The extension name is otherwise automatically detected from rendering context.

table string

Table to search. If left out will use the table defined by the parent field

pidList string

List of storage page UIDs

pidDepth integer

Depth of recursive storage page UID lookups

minimumCharacters integer

Minimum number of characters that must be typed before search begins

maxPathTitleLength integer

Maximum path segment length - crops titles over this length

searchWholePhrase boolean

A match requires a full word that matches the search value

searchCondition string

Search condition - for example, if table is pages "doktype = 1" to only allow standard pages

cssClass string

Use this CSS class for all list items

receiverClass string

Class reference, target class should be derived from "t3lib_tceforms_suggest_defaultreceiver"

renderFunc string

Reference to function which processes all records displayed in results

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