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Grid container ViewHelper.

Use <flux:grid.row> with nested <flux:grid.column> tags to define a tablular layout.

The grid is then rendered automatically in the preview section of the content element, or as page columns if used in page templates.

For frontend rendering, use flux:content.render.

Content elements

Use the name and area attributes.

Grid for a two-column container element

        <flux:grid.column name="left" />
        <flux:grid.column name="right" />

Container element frontend rendering

<flux:content.render area="left" />
<flux:content.render area="right" />


Use the colPos and column attributes.

        <flux:grid.column colPos="0" name="Main" colspan="3" style="width: 75%" />
        <flux:grid.column colPos="1" name="Secondary" colspan="1" style="width: 25%" />

Page rendering

<v:content.render column="0" />
<v:content.render column="1" />


name string

Optional name of this grid - defaults to "grid"

label string

Optional label for this grid - defaults to an LLL value (reported if it is missing)

variables anySimpleType

Freestyle variables which become assigned to the resulting Component - can then be read from that Component outside this Fluid template and in other templates using the Form object from this template

extensionName string

If provided, enables overriding the extension context for this and all child nodes. The extension name is otherwise automatically detected from rendering context.

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