ViewHelper Documentation

A view helper for creating URIs to TYPO3 pages.

= Examples =

<>page link</> index.php?id=123 (depending on the current page and your TS configuration)

< pageUid="1" additionalParams="{foo: 'bar'}" /> index.php?id=1&foo=bar (depending on your TS configuration)

< pageUid="1" additionalParams="{extension_key: {foo: 'bar'}}" /> index.php?id=1&extension_key[foo]=bar (depending on your TS configuration)


pageUid string

target PID

additionalParams string

query parameters to be attached to the resulting URI

pageType string

type of the target page. See typolink.parameter

noCache string

set this to disable caching for the target page. You should not need this.

noCacheHash string

set this to supress the cHash query parameter created by TypoLink. You should not need this.

section string

the anchor to be added to the URI

linkAccessRestrictedPages string

If set, links pointing to access restricted pages will still link to the page even though the page cannot be accessed.

absolute string

If set, the URI of the rendered link is absolute

addQueryString string

If set, the current query parameters will be kept in the URI

argumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString string

arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if $addQueryString = TRUE

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