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This ViewHelper renders a Pagination of objects for the TYPO3 Backend.

= Examples =

<f:be.widget.paginate objects="{blogs}" as="paginatedBlogs"> use {paginatedBlogs} as you used {blogs} before, most certainly inside a <f:for> loop. </f:be.widget.paginate>

<f:be.widget.paginate objects="{blogs}" as="paginatedBlogs" configuration="{itemsPerPage: 5, insertAbove: 1, insertBelow: 0, recordsLabel: 'MyRecords'}"> use {paginatedBlogs} as you used {blogs} before, most certainly inside a <f:for> loop. </f:be.widget.paginate> The recordsLabel can be used to replace the text in "Records 1 - 99" with a label of your own choice

= Performance characteristics =

In the above examples, it looks like {blogs} contains all Blog objects, thus you might wonder if all objects were fetched from the database. However, the blogs are NOT fetched from the database until you actually use them, so the paginate ViewHelper will adjust the query sent to the database and receive only the small subset of objects. So, there is no negative performance overhead in using the Be Paginate Widget.


customWidgetId string

extend the widget identifier with a custom widget id

objects anySimpleType


as string


configuration anySimpleType


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