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A ViewHelper to create uris from fields supported by the link wizard

== Example ==

{link} contains "19 - - - &X=y" Please note that due to the nature of typolink you have to provide a full set of parameters if you use the parameter only. Target, class and title will be discarded.

<f:uri.typolink parameter="{link}" /> index.php?id=19&X=y

<f:uri.typolink parameter="{link}" additionalParams="&u=b" useCacheHash="true" /> index.php?id=19&X=y&u=b


parameter string

stdWrap.typolink style parameter string

additionalParams string

stdWrap.typolink additionalParams

useCacheHash anySimpleType

addQueryString anySimpleType

addQueryStringMethod string

addQueryStringExclude string

absolute anySimpleType

Ensure the resulting URL is an absolute URL

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