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A view helper for formatting values with printf. Either supply an array for the arguments or a single value. See

= Examples =

<f:format.printf arguments="{number: 362525200}">%.3e</f:format.printf> 3.625e+8

<f:format.printf arguments="{0: 3, 1: 'Kasper'}">%2$s is great, TYPO%1$d too. Yes, TYPO%1$d is great and so is %2$s!</f:format.printf> Kasper is great, TYPO3 too. Yes, TYPO3 is great and so is Kasper!

<f:format.printf arguments="{1: 'TYPO3'}">We love %s</f:format.printf> We love TYPO3

{someText -> f:format.printf(arguments: {1: 'TYPO3'})} We love TYPO3


value string

String to format

arguments anySimpleType

The arguments for vsprintf

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