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Switch view helper which can be used to render content depending on a value or expression. Implements what a basic switch()-PHP-method does.

= Examples =

<f:switch expression="{person.gender}"> <f:case value="male">Mr.</f:case> <f:case value="female">Mrs.</f:case> <f:case default="TRUE">Mrs. or Mr.</f:case> </f:switch> Mr. / Mrs. (depending on the value of {person.gender}) or if no value evaluates to TRUE, default case

Note: Using this view helper can be a sign of weak architecture. If you end up using it extensively you might want to consider restructuring your controllers/actions and/or use partials and sections. E.g. the above example could be achieved with <f:render partial="title.{person.gender}" /> and the partials "title.male.html", "title.female.html", ... Depending on the scenario this can be easier to extend and possibly contains less duplication.


expression anySimpleType, required

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