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View helper which returns a select box, that can be used to switch between multiple actions and controllers and looks similar to TYPO3s funcMenu. Note: This view helper is experimental!

= Examples =

<f:be.menus.actionMenu> <f:be.menus.actionMenuItem label="Overview" controller="Blog" action="index" /> <f:be.menus.actionMenuItem label="Create new Blog" controller="Blog" action="new" /> <f:be.menus.actionMenuItem label="List Posts" controller="Post" action="index" arguments="{blog: blog}" /> </f:be.menus.actionMenu> Selectbox with the options "Overview", "Create new Blog" and "List Posts"

<f:be.menus.actionMenu> <f:be.menus.actionMenuItem label="{f:translate(key:'overview')}" controller="Blog" action="index" /> <f:be.menus.actionMenuItem label="{f:translate(key:'create_blog')}" controller="Blog" action="new" /> </f:be.menus.actionMenu> localized selectbox


additionalAttributes anySimpleType

Additional tag attributes. They will be added directly to the resulting HTML tag.

data anySimpleType

Additional data-* attributes. They will each be added with a "data-" prefix.

defaultController string


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