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Use this view helper to crop the text between its opening and closing tags.

= Examples =

<f:format.crop maxCharacters="10">This is some very long text</f:format.crop> This is

<f:format.crop maxCharacters="17" append=" [more]">This is some very long text</f:format.crop> This is some [more]

<f:format.crop maxCharacters="10" respectWordBoundaries="false">This is some very long text</f:format.crop> This is so

<f:format.crop maxCharacters="28" respectWordBoundaries="false" respectHtml="false">This is some text with HTML tags</f:format.crop> This is some text with <stro

{someLongText -> f:format.crop(maxCharacters: 10)} someLongText cropped after 10 characters (depending on the value of {someLongText})


maxCharacters anySimpleType

Place where to truncate the string

append string

What to append, if truncation happened

respectWordBoundaries anySimpleType

If TRUE and division is in the middle of a word, the remains of that word is removed.

respectHtml anySimpleType

If TRUE the cropped string will respect HTML tags and entities. Technically that means, that cropHTML() is called rather than crop()

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