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View helper which returns CSH (context sensitive help) label with icon hover Note: The CSH label will only work, if the current BE user has the "Context Sensitive Help mode" set to something else than "Display no help information" in the Users settings Note: This view helper is experimental!

= Examples =

<f:be.labels.csh /> CSH label as known from the TYPO3 backend.

<f:be.labels.csh table="xMOD_csh_corebe" field="someCshKey" label="lang/Resources/Private/Language/locallang/header.languages" /> CSH label as known from the TYPO3 backend with some custom settings.


table string

Table name ('_MOD_'+module name). If not set, the current module name will be used

field string

Field name (CSH locallang main key)

label string

Language label which is wrapped with the CSH

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