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View helper which renders a record list as known from the TYPO3 list module Note: This feature is experimental!

= Examples =

<f:be.tableList tableName="fe_users" /> List of all "Website user" records stored in the configured storage PID. Records will be editable, if the current BE user has got edit rights for the table "fe_users". Only the title column (username) will be shown. Context menu is active.

<f:be.tableList tableName="fe_users" fieldList="{0: 'name', 1: 'email'}" storagePid="1" levels="2" filter='foo' recordsPerPage="10" sortField="name" sortDescending="true" readOnly="true" enableClickMenu="false" clickTitleMode="info" /> List of "Website user" records with a text property of "foo" stored on PID 1 and two levels down. Clicking on a username will open the TYPO3 info popup for the respective record


tableName string

name of the database table

fieldList anySimpleType

list of fields to be displayed. If empty, only the title column (configured in $TCA[$tableName]['ctrl']['title']) is shown

storagePid anySimpleType

by default, records are fetched from the storage PID configured in persistence.storagePid. With this argument, the storage PID can be overwritten

levels anySimpleType

corresponds to the level selector of the TYPO3 list module. By default only records from the current storagePid are fetched

filter string

corresponds to the "Search String" textbox of the TYPO3 list module. If not empty, only records matching the string will be fetched

recordsPerPage anySimpleType

amount of records to be displayed at once. Defaults to $TCA[$tableName]['interface']['maxSingleDBListItems'] or (if that's not set) to 100

sortField string

table field to sort the results by

sortDescending anySimpleType

if TRUE records will be sorted in descending order

readOnly anySimpleType

if TRUE, the edit icons won't be shown. Otherwise edit icons will be shown, if the current BE user has edit rights for the specified table!

enableClickMenu anySimpleType

enables context menu

clickTitleMode string

one of "edit", "show" (only pages, tt_content), "info

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