ViewHelper Documentation


Debuggable version of f:render - performs the same rendering operation but wraps the output with HTML that can be inspected with the admin panel in FE.

Replaces f:render when the admin panel decides (see ViewHelperResolver class). Also possible to use explicitly by using f:debug.render instead of the normal f:render statement.


debug boolean

If true, the admin panel shows debug information if activated,

section string

Section to render - combine with partial to render section in partial

partial string

Partial to render, with or without section

arguments anySimpleType

Array of variables to be transferred. Use {_all} for all variables

optional boolean

If TRUE, considers the *section* optional. Partial never is.

default anySimpleType

Value (usually string) to be displayed if the section or partial does not exist

contentAs string

If used, renders the child content and adds it as a template variable with this name for use in the partial/section

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