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View helper for rendering a styled content infobox markup.

= States =

The Infobox provides different context sensitive states that can be used to provide an additional visual feedback to the to the user to underline the meaning of the information.

Possible values are in range from -2 to 2. Please choose a meaningful value from the following list.

-2: Notices (Default) -1: Information 0: Positive feedback 1: Warnings 2: Error

= Examples =

<f:be.infobox title="Message title">your box content</f:be.infobox>

<f:be.infobox title="Message title" message="your box content" state="-2" iconName="check" disableIcon="true" />


message string

The message of the info box, if NULL tag content is used

title string

The title of the info box

state anySimpleType

The state of the box, InfoboxViewHelper::STATE_*

iconName string

The icon name from font awesome, NULL sets default icon

disableIcon anySimpleType

If set to TRUE, the icon is not rendered.

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