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View helper which returns a button icon

= Examples =

<f:be.buttons.icon uri="{f:uri.action()}" /> An icon button as known from the TYPO3 backend, skinned and linked with the default action of the current controller. Note: By default the "close" icon is used as image

<f:be.buttons.icon uri="{f:uri.action(action:'new')}" icon="actions-document-new" title="Create new Foo" />

<f:be.buttons.icon icon="actions-document-new" title="Create new Foo" /> Here the "actions-document-new" icon is returned, but without link.


uri string

The target URI for the link. If you want to execute JavaScript here, prefix the URI with

icon string

Icon to be used.

title string

Title attribute of the icon construct

additionalAttributes anySimpleType

Additional tag attributes. They will be added directly to the resulting HTML tag.

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