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This ViewHelper generates a HTML dump of the tagged variable.

= Examples =

<f:debug>{testVariables.array}</f:debug> foobarbazfoo

<f:debug title="My Title" maxDepth="5" blacklistedClassNames="{0:'Tx_BlogExample_Domain_Model_Administrator'}" plainText="TRUE" ansiColors="FALSE" inline="TRUE" blacklistedPropertyNames="{0:'posts'}">{blogs}</f:debug> [A HTML view of the var_dump]


title string

optional custom title for the debug output

maxDepth integer

Sets the max recursion depth of the dump (defaults to 8). De- or increase the number according to your needs and memory limit.

plainText boolean

If TRUE, the dump is in plain text, if FALSE the debug output is in HTML format.

ansiColors boolean

If TRUE, ANSI color codes is added to the plaintext output, if FALSE (default) the plaintext debug output not colored.

inline boolean

if TRUE, the dump is rendered at the position of the <f:debug> tag. If FALSE (default), the dump is displayed at the top of the page.

blacklistedClassNames anySimpleType

An array of class names (RegEx) to be filtered. Default is an array of some common class names.

blacklistedPropertyNames anySimpleType

An array of property names and/or array keys (RegEx) to be filtered. Default is an array of some common property names.

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