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View helper which allows you to create extbase based modules in the style of TYPO3 default modules.

= Examples =

<f:be.pageRenderer pageTitle="foo" loadExtJs="true" loadExtJsTheme="false" extJsAdapter="jQuery" enableExtJsDebug="true" loadJQuery="true" includeCssFiles="0: '{f:uri.resource(path:\'Css/Styles.css\')}'" includeJsFiles="0: '{f:uri.resource(path:\'JavaScript/Library1.js\')}', 1: '{f:uri.resource(path:\'JavaScript/Library2.js\')}'" addJsInlineLabels="{0: 'label1', 1: 'label2'}" />

Custom CSS file EXT:your_extension/Resources/Public/Css/styles.css and JavaScript files EXT:your_extension/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Library1.js and EXT:your_extension/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Library2.js will be loaded, plus ExtJS and jQuery and some inline labels for usage in JS code.


pageTitle string

title tag of the module. Not required by default, as BE modules are shown in a frame

loadExtJs boolean

specifies whether to load ExtJS library. Defaults to FALSE

loadExtJsTheme boolean

whether to load ExtJS "grey" theme. Defaults to FALSE

enableExtJsDebug boolean

if TRUE, debug version of ExtJS is loaded. Use this for development only

loadJQuery boolean

whether to load jQuery library. Defaults to FALSE

includeCssFiles anySimpleType

List of custom CSS file to be loaded

includeJsFiles anySimpleType

List of custom JavaScript file to be loaded

addJsInlineLabels anySimpleType

Custom labels to add to JavaScript inline labels

includeRequireJsModules anySimpleType

List of RequireJS modules to be loaded

jQueryNamespace string

Store the jQuery object in a specific namespace

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