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Basic Asset ViewHelper

Places the contents of the asset (the tag body) directly in the additional header content of the page. This most basic possible version of an Asset has only the core features shared by every Asset type:

Note: there are no static TypoScript templates for VHS but you will find a complete list in the file in the root of the extension folder.


content string, required

Content to insert in header/footer

path string, required

If not using tag content, specify path to file here

external boolean, required

If TRUE and standalone, includes the file as raw URL. If TRUE and not standalone then downloads the file and merges it when building Assets

name string, required

Optional name of the content. If multiple occurrences of the same name happens, behavior is defined by argument "overwrite"

overwrite boolean, required

If set to FALSE and a relocated string with "name" already exists, does not overwrite the existing relocated string. Default behavior is to overwrite.

dependencies string, required

CSV list of other named assets upon which this asset depends. When included, this asset will always load after its dependencies

group string, required

Optional name of a logical group (created dynamically just by using the name) to which this particular asset belongs.

debug boolean, required

If TRUE, outputs information about this ViewHelper when the tag is used. Two master debug switches exist in TypoScript; see documentation about Page / Asset ViewHelper

standalone boolean, required

If TRUE, excludes this Asset from any concatenation which may be applied

rewrite boolean, required

If FALSE, this Asset will be included as is without any processing of contained urls

fluid boolean, required

If TRUE, renders this (standalone or external) Asset as if it were a Fluid template, passing along values of the "arguments" attribute or every available template variable if "arguments" not specified

variables anySimpleType, required

An optional array of arguments which you use inside the Asset, be it standalone or inline. Use this argument to ensure your Asset filenames are only reused when all variables used in the Asset are the same

allowMoveToFooter boolean, required

DEPRECATED. Use movable instead.

movable boolean, required

If TRUE, allows this Asset to be included in the document footer rather than the header. Should never be allowed for CSS.

trim boolean, required

DEPRECATED. Trim is no longer supported. Setting this to TRUE doesn't do anything.

namedChunks boolean, required

If FALSE, hides the comment containing the name of each of Assets which is merged in a merged file. Disable to avoid a bit more output at the cost of transparency

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