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Render: ASCII Character

Renders a single character identified by its charset number.

For example: <v:render.character ascii="10" /> renders a UNIX linebreak as does {v:render.character(ascii: 10)}. Can be used in combination with v:iterator.loop` to render sequences or repeat the same character:

{v:render.ascii(ascii: 10) -> v:iterator.loop(count: 5)}

And naturally you can feed any integer variable or ViewHelper return value into the ascii parameter throught renderChildren to allow chaining:

{variableWithAsciiInteger -> v:render.ascii()}

And arrays are also supported - they will produce a string of characters from each number in the array:

{v:render.ascii(ascii: {0: 13, 1: 10})}

Will produce a Windows line break, \r\n


ascii anySimpleType

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