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Once: Session

Displays nested content or "then" child once per session.

"Once"-style ViewHelpers are purposed to only display their nested content once per XYZ, where the XYZ depends on the specific type of ViewHelper (session, cookie etc).

In addition the ViewHelper is a ConditionViewHelper, which means you can utilize the f:then and f:else child nodes as well as the "then" and "else" arguments.


then anySimpleType

Value to be returned if the condition if met.

else anySimpleType

Value to be returned if the condition if not met.

identifier string

Identity of this condition - if used in other places, the condition applies to the same identity in the storage (i.e. cookie name or session key)

lockToDomain boolean

If TRUE, locks this condition to a specific domain, i.e. the storage of $identity is associated with a domain. If same identity is also used without domain lock, it matches any domain locked condition

ttl integer

Time-to-live for skip registration, number of seconds. After this expires the registration is unset

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