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Sorts an instance of ObjectStorage, an Iterator implementation, an Array or a QueryResult (including Lazy counterparts).

Can be used inline, i.e.: <f:for each="{dataset -> vhs:iterator.sort(sortBy: 'name')}" as="item"> // iterating data which is ONLY sorted while rendering this particular loop </f:for>


as string

Template variable name to assign; if not specified the ViewHelper returns the variable instead.

subject anySimpleType

The array/Traversable instance to sort

sortBy string

Which property/field to sort by - leave out for numeric sorting based on indexes(keys)

order string

ASC, DESC, RAND or SHUFFLE. RAND preserves keys, SHUFFLE does not - but SHUFFLE is faster

sortFlags string

Constant name from PHP for `SORT_FLAGS`: `SORT_REGULAR`, `SORT_STRING`, `SORT_NUMERIC`, `SORT_NATURAL`, `SORT_LOCALE_STRING` or `SORT_FLAG_CASE`. You can provide a comma seperated list or array to use a combination of flags.

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