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Format: Append string content

Appends a string after another string. Although this task is very easily done in standard Fluid - i.e. {subject}{add} - this ViewHelper makes advanced chained inline processing possible:

<!-- useful when needing to chain string processing. Remove all "foo" and "bar"
     then add a text containing both "foo" and "bar", then format as HTML -->
{text -> v:format.eliminate(strings: 'foo,bar')
      -> v:format.append(add: ' - my foo and bar are the only ones in this text.')
      -> f:format.html()}
<!-- NOTE: you do not have to break the lines; done here only for presentation purposes -->

Makes no sense used as tag based ViewHelper:

<!-- DO NOT USE - depicts COUNTERPRODUCTIVE usage! -->
<v:format.append add="{f:translate(key: 're')}">{subject}</v:format.append>
<!-- ... which is the exact same as ... -->
<f:translate key="re" />{subject} <!-- OR --> {f:translate(key: 're')}{subject}

In other words: use this only when you do not have the option of simply using {subject}{add}, i.e. in complex inline statements used as attribute values on other ViewHelpers (where tag usage is undesirable).


add string

subject string

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