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Iterator / Extract VieWHelper

Loop through the iterator and extract a key, optionally join the results if more than one value is found.

Extract values from an array by key

The extbase version of indexed_search returns an array of the previous search, which cannot easily be shown in the input field of the result page. This can be solved.

Input from extbase version of indexed_search">

      0 => array(
        'sword' => 'firstWord',
        'oper' => 'AND'
    1 => array(
        'sword' => 'secondWord',
        'oper' => 'AND'
    3 => array(
        'sword' => 'thirdWord',
        'oper' => 'AND'

Show the previous search words in the search form of the result page:


<f:form.textfield name="search[sword]"
    value="{v:iterator.extract(key:'sword', content: searchWords) -> v:iterator.implode(glue: ' ')}"
    class="tx-indexedsearch-searchbox-sword" />

Get the names of several users

Provided we have a bunch of FrontendUsers and we need to show their firstname combined into a string:

<v:iterator.implode glue=", "><v:iterator.extract key="firstname" content="frontendUsers" /></v:iterator.implode>
<!-- alternative: -->
{frontendUsers -> v:iterator.extract(key: 'firstname') -> v:iterator.implode(glue: ', ')}


<h2>Welcome Peter, Paul, Marry</h2>

Complex example

{anArray->v:iterator.extract(path: 'childProperty.secondNestedChildObject')->v:iterator.sort(direction: 'DESC', sortBy: 'propertyOnSecondChild')->v:iterator.slice(length: 10)->v:iterator.extract(key: 'uid')}

Single return value

Outputs the "uid" value of the first record in variable $someRecords without caring if there are more than
one records. Always extracts the first value and then stops. Equivalent of chaning -> v:iterator.first().
{someRecords -> v:iterator.extract(key: 'uid', single: TRUE)}


key string

The name of the key from which you wish to extract the value

content anySimpleType

The array or Iterator that contains either the value or arrays of values

recursive boolean

If TRUE, attempts to extract the key from deep nested arrays

single boolean

If TRUE, returns only one value - always the first one - instead of an array of values

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