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Cache Rendering ViewHelper

Caches the child content (any type supported as long as it can be serialized). Because of the added overhead you should only use this if what you are caching is complex enough that it performs many DB request (for example when displaying an object with many lazy properties which don't load until the template asks for the property value). In short, applies to just about the same use cases as any other cache - but remember that Fluid is already a very efficient rendering engine so don't just assume that using the ViewHelper will increase performance or decrease memory usage.

Works forcibly, i.e. can only re-render its content if the cache is cleared. A CTRL+Refresh in the browser does nothing, even if a BE user is logged in. Only use this ViewHelper around content which you are absolutely sure it makes sense to cache along with an identity - for example, if rendering an uncached plugin which contains a Partial template that is in all aspects just a solid-state HTML representation of something like a list of current news.

The cache behind this ViewHelper is the Extbase object cache, which is cleared when you clear the page content cache.

Do not use on form elements, it will invalidate the checksum.

Do not use around ViewHelpers which add header data or which interact with the PageRenderer or other "live" objects; this includes many of the VHS ViewHelpers!


identity anySimpleType

Identifier for the cached content (usage preferred)

content anySimpleType

Value to be cached

onError string

Optional error message to display if error occur while rendering. If NULL, lets the error Exception pass trough (and break rendering)

graceful boolean

If forced to FALSE, errors are not caught but rather "transmitted" as every other error would be

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