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L (localisation) ViewHelper

An extremely shortened and much more dev-friendly alternative to f:translate. Automatically outputs the name of the LLL reference if it is not found and the default value is not set, making it much easier to identify missing labels when translating.


<v:l key="some.label" />
<v:l arguments="{0: 'foo', 1: 'bar'}">some.label</v:l>


key string, required

Translation Key

id string, required

Translation Key compatible to TYPO3 Flow

default string, required

if the given locallang key could not be found, this value is used. If this argument is not set, child nodes will be used to render the default

htmlEscape boolean, required

TRUE if the result should be htmlescaped. This won't have an effect for the default value

arguments anySimpleType, required

Arguments to be replaced in the resulting string

extensionName string, required

UpperCamelCased extension key (for example BlogExample)

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