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This ViewHelper has no description.


table string

The table to lookup records.

field string

The field of the table associated to resources.

record anySimpleType

The actual record. Alternatively you can use the "uid" argument.

uid integer

The uid of the record. Alternatively you can use the "record" argument.

as string

If specified, a template variable with this name containing the requested data will be inserted instead of returning it.

limit integer

Optional limit to the total number of records to render

slide integer

Enables Record Sliding - amount of levels which shall get walked up the rootline, including the current page. For infinite sliding (till the rootpage) set to -1. Only the first PID which has at minimum one record is used

slideCollect integer

If TRUE, content is collected up the root line. If FALSE, only the first PID which has content is used. If greater than zero, this value overrides $slide.

slideCollectReverse boolean

Normally when collecting records the elements from the actual page get shown on the top and those from the parent pages below those. You can invert this behaviour (actual page elements at bottom) by setting this flag))

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