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Renders HTML code to embed a video from YouTube


additionalAttributes anySimpleType

Additional tag attributes. They will be added directly to the resulting HTML tag.

data anySimpleType

Additional data-* attributes. They will each be added with a "data-" prefix.

videoId string

YouTube id of the video to embed.

width integer

Width of the video in pixels. Defaults to 640 for 16:9 content.

height integer

Height of the video in pixels. Defaults to 385 for 16:9 content.

autoplay boolean

Play the video automatically on load. Defaults to FALSE.

legacyCode boolean

Whether to use the legacy flash video code.

showRelated boolean

Whether to show related videos after playing.

extendedPrivacy boolean

Whether to use cookie-less video player.

hideControl boolean

Hide video player's control bar.

hideInfo boolean

Hide video player's info bar.

playlist string

Comma seperated list of video IDs to be played.

loop boolean

Play the video in a loop.

start integer

Start playing after seconds.

end integer

Stop playing after seconds.

lightTheme boolean

Use the YouTube player's light theme.

videoQuality string

Set the YouTube player's video quality (hd1080,hd720,highres,large,medium,small).

windowMode string

Set the Window-Mode of the YouTube player (transparent,opaque). This is necessary for z-index handling in IE10/11.

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