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ViewHelper Debug ViewHelper (sic)

Debugs instances of other ViewHelpers and language structures. Use in conjunction with other ViewHelpers to inspect their current and possible arguments and render their documentation:


Or the same expression in inline syntax:

{variable -> f:format.html() -> v:debug()}

Can also be used to inspect ObjectAccessor instances (e.g. variables you try to access) and rather than just dumping the entire contents of the variable as is done by <f:debug />, this ViewHelper makes a very simple dump with a warning if the variable is not defined. If an object is encountered (for example a domain object) this ViewHelper will not dump the object but instead will scan it for accessible properties (e.g. properties which have a getter method!) and only present those properties which can be accessed, along with the type of variable that property currently contains:

{domainObject -> v:debug()}

Assuming that {domainObject} is an instance of an object which has two methods: getUid() and getTitle(), debugging that instance will render something like this in plain text:

Path: {domainObject}
Value type: object
Accessible properties on {domainObject}:
   {form.uid} (integer)
   {form.title} (string)

The class itself can contain any number of protected properties, but only those which have a getter method can be accessed by Fluid and as therefore we only dump those properties which you can in fact access.


This ViewHelper has no arguments

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