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Math: Modulo Perform modulo on $input. Returns the same type as $input, i.e. if given an array, will transform each member and return the result. Supports array and Iterator (in the following descriptions "array" means both these types):

If $a and $b are both arrays of the same size then modulo is performed on $a using members of $b, by their index (so these must match in both arrays).

If $a is an array and $b is a number then modulo is performed on $a using $b for each calculation.

If $a and $b are both numbers simple modulo is performed.


a anySimpleType

First number for calculation

fail boolean

If TRUE, throws an Exception if argument "a" is not specified and no child content or inline argument is found. Usually okay to use a NULL value (as integer zero).

b anySimpleType

Second number or Iterator/Traversable/Array for calculation

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