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URL text segment sanitizer. Sanitizes the content into a valid URL segment value which is usable in an URL without further processing. For example, the text "I am Mr. Brown, how are you?" becomes "i-am-mr-brown-how-are-you". Special characters like diacritics or umlauts are transliterated. The built-in character map can be overriden or extended by providing an associative array of custom mappings.

Also useful when creating anchor link names, for example for news entries in your custom EXT:news list template, in which case each news item's title would become an anchor:

And links would look much like the detail view links:


When used with list views it has the added benefit of not breaking if the item referenced is removed, it can be read by Javascript (for example to dynamically expand the news item being referenced). The sanitized urls are also ideal to use for AJAX based detail views - and in almot all cases the sanitized string will be 100% identical to the one used by Realurl when translating using table lookups.


string string

The string to sanitize.

customMap anySimpleType

Associative array of additional characters to replace or use to override built-in mappings.

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