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Render: Template

Render a template file (with arguments if desired).

Supports passing variables and controlling the format, paths can be overridden and uses the same format as TS settings a' la plugin.tx_myext.view, which means that this can be done (from any extension, not just "foo")

 variables="{object: customLoadedObject}"
 paths="{v:variable.typoscript(path: 'plugin.tx_foo.view')}"
 format="xml" />

Which would render the "show" action's template from EXT:foo using paths define in that extension's typoscript but using a custom loaded object when rendering the template rather than the object defined by the "Action" controller of EXT:foo. The output would be in XML format and this format would also be respected by Layouts and Partials which are rendered from the Show.html template.

As such this is very similar to Render/RequestViewHelper with two major differences:

  1. A true ControllerContext is not present when rendering which means that links generated in the template should be made always including all parameters from ExtensionName over PluginName through the usual action etc.
  2. The Controller from EXT:foo is not involved in any way, which means that any custom variables the particular template depends on must be added manually through the "variables" argument

Consider using Render/InlineViewHelper if you are rendering templates from the same plugin.

Consider using Render/RequestViewHelper if you require a completely isolated rendering identical to that which takes place when rendering an Extbase plugin's content object.


file string

Path to template file, EXT:myext/... paths supported

variables anySimpleType

Optional array of template variables when rendering

format string

Optional format of the template(s) being rendered

paths string

Optional array (plugin.tx_myext.view style) of paths, EXT:mypath/... paths supported

onError string

Optional error message to display if error occur while rendering. If NULL, lets the error Exception pass trough (and break rendering)

graceful boolean

If forced to FALSE, errors are not caught but rather "transmitted" as every other error would be

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