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Variable: TypoScript

Accesses Typoscript paths. Contrary to the Fluid-native f:cObject this ViewHelper does not render objects but rather retrieves the values. For example, if you retrieve a TypoScript path to a TMENU object you will receive the array of TypoScript defining the menu - not the rendered menu HTML.

A great example of how to use this ViewHelper is to very quickly migrate a TypoScript-menu-based site (for example currently running TemplaVoila + TMENU-objects) to a Fluid ViewHelper menu based on or v:page.breadCrumb by accessing key configuration options such as entryLevel and even various wrap definitions.

A quick example of how to parse a wrap TypoScript setting into two variables usable for a menu item:

<!-- This piece to be added as far up as possible in order to prevent multiple executions -->
<v:variable.set name="menuSettings" value="{v:variable.typoscript(path: '')}" />
<v:variable.set name="wrap" value="{menuSettings.wrap -> v:iterator.explode(glue: '|')}" />

<!-- This in the loop which renders the menu (see "VHS: manual menu rendering" in FAQ): -->

<!-- An additional example to demonstrate very compact conditions which prevent wraps from being displayed -->
{wrap.0 -> f:if(condition: settings.wrapBefore)}{menuItem.title}{wrap.1 -> f:if(condition: settings.wrapAfter)}


path string

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