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Renders Gravatar <img/> tag


additionalAttributes anySimpleType

Additional tag attributes. They will be added directly to the resulting HTML tag.

data anySimpleType

Additional data-* attributes. They will each be added with a "data-" prefix.

class string

CSS class(es) for this element

dir string

Text direction for this HTML element. Allowed strings: "ltr" (left to right), "rtl" (right to left)

id string

Unique (in this file) identifier for this HTML element.

lang string

Language for this element. Use short names specified in RFC 1766

style string

Individual CSS styles for this element

title string

Tooltip text of element

accesskey string

Keyboard shortcut to access this element

tabindex integer

Specifies the tab order of this element

onclick string

JavaScript evaluated for the onclick event

email string

Email address

size integer

Size in pixels, defaults to 80px [ 1 - 2048 ]

imageSet string

Default image set to use. Possible values [ 404 | mm | identicon | monsterid | wavatar ]

maximumRating string

Maximum rating (inclusive) [ g | pg | r | x ]

secure boolean

If it is FALSE will return the un secure Gravatar domain (

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